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2009 Young Bird Derby at the Paulsen's

  Dori Goodchild and Shandra with Phyllis Corry



 Tony Correia, Kenny Moore, and Tom Spring waiting.  Chris Moore and family below. 


       It It was good Judy and you and chef Dale did a great job. >>>  << Good children


 This second place is for Grumps.  Bob presents Bill and Lenny Merriman with the second place prize.

Sorry we do not have a picture of the winning bird but we do send out congratulations to CU 16223  owned by K. Snider.  We also thank everyone that attended and also those of you that assisted Bob and I with the derby food, the cleaning, and training of the birds.  We did have a very good derby and sure thank all of you that helped make it so.  Your kind comments make the effort very worth while.  Hope we have another one left in us.  Until next time.  The Paulsen's in the beautiful Blenkinsop Valley.  Come by and visit some time.  Coffee is always on.  Phone ahead please. 250 - 477-5639.


  Our club is sorry to announce that one of our oldest and most hard working member has passed on.  George Muldrew will not be remembered by the races he won or the trohies he accepted but will forever be remembered for being there when needed and for the hours of work he and wife Pat put into the club.  Be it a work party or food prep for our awards night, he was always there with Pat in full support.  George has been an non flying,honourary member of the club for the past few years and will be in our thougts for his years of devotion to the sport and our club.  Thanks George. 



CCRPC 2008 Young Bird Derby

The winning bird MIR 35 owner--Paul Ceyssens.  Second overall Champion Bird in the X-tra with total points

     Doreen Paulsen taking a break from the heat.             Tony Correia keeping up with the book work.

Tony, Shandra, and Judy Corry on the Calcutta.    Bob Paulsen and the Dane's Pool board.


 Dave Hill and Bob in conversation.     CHEERS Dale Corry.          Doug Chadwick's more serious side!


Dave Naylor checking out the auction birds.            Tom Spring & Dale Corry.

 Checking out the birds for auction. Remember 16 birds on a drop and in the clock within 19 seconds.  These birds are all champions for sure.




Auke, Dale, Diane & Dave Hill doing some serious waiting.Thanks for a great afternoon.  It was a slice. 

Photos by Steve Hummell, Victoria, BC. Canada 


















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